The Course


Our golf courses are for beginners and experts alike. There are courses for those who want to practice, where you can measure the distance your golf club permits, have less hazards, have shorter distances between holes or have downhill slopes, but there are also 18-hole courses for those who want a challenge.



We do not only have golf courses to provide the golfer with his paradise, we also have facilities to entertain the whole family! Our golf course is equipped with function rooms which are able to host a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.



The clubhouse was constructed to entertain both golfers and other family members alike and was built years after the golf courses were established. The Unicorn Golf Course clubhouse features function rooms to hold different kinds of events for both members and non-members all year round.

Unicorn Golf Course

Welcome to Unicorn Golf Course! Experience the best of golfing here. We have only the best to suit your golfing and recreational needs.

Unicorn Golf Course is every golfer’s paradise. We have golf courses suitable both for the expert and the beginner. We have a professional club to assist you in perfecting your technique, as well as a pro shop to complete your golfing requirements.

Unicorn Golf Course is also the perfect place for family bonding. The clubhouse is open for the use of members and their dependents, which include facilities perfect for recreation, exercise, and relaxation. We also have a club bar and restaurant to recharge yourself in the middle of the day or to cap the day with a lively night bar session. Our clubhouse also has function rooms open for event bookings. Our golf course is perfect for parties and celebrations. Everyone is sure to enjoy in Unicorn Golf Course.

Upcoming Events

Unicorn Golf Course – Upgraded The Facilities

Are you passionate about playing golf? Unicorn Golf Course can offer the best golfing experience and recreational needs. This is also considered as golfers’ paradise where both the beginner and expert golfer will love. They have professionals who can help a beginner in perfecting the shot. The ambiance isn’t only ideal for playing golf but also a pe

2016 Charity Golf Challenge at Unicorn Golf Course

People with a genuinely generous heart are the happiest, some says. Well, it is indeed true. Golf is a very challenging and fun game. It can make you happy. But when dedicated to others, especially to those unfortunate ones, it can fill your heart with much greater joy.
Unicorn Golf Course welcomes you to the 2016 Charity Golf Challenge. This charity event will be held on the 20th

31st Annual Unicorn Golf Club Festival

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The much-awaited annual event only here at Unicorn Golf Club is soon to welcome everyone in on this special tradition. For 30 years, we have been welcoming golf-loving families and have supported hundreds of causes from non-profit organizations. It’s time again to celebrate the beloved sport and bring cheer to everyone’s hearts.

Upcoming Halloween & Christmas Parties

Unicorn Golf Course is not just for the golf aficionados of the family, but for all the members! We make sure that all members of the family are well-taken care of and have fun at the same time. We hold our annual parties for our guests, and our regulars are Easter’s Sunday Egg-Hunting, Halloween Party, and Christmas Ball.
Children have fun roaming around the golf course, both indoors

Summer Fun For All

Our golf course hosts our annual golf tournament during the summer, when conditions are optimal and the weather does not disrupt the scoring system and play. It is open to both members and non-members alike, but non-members will have to register with members and cannot join the individual stroke play. We include stroke play and match play scoring systems. For stroke play, golfers may sign up in